Extra Vegetables in your Cooked Basmati Rice

Add More Vegetable in your Cooked Rice

If your Kids don’t like to add many Vegetables in Basmati Rice, then you can Add just Cauliflower while cooking Rice, because it melts in it and they can’t see much of it.
But Vegetables are so good for our health, you can add extra, who love to eat more vegetables in their Rice like me.
What Ingredients we Need?

  • Broccoli
  • Onion
  • Baby Spinach or just other Spinach
  • Wash these all Vegetable thoroughly and cut them in small. You don’t have to use the same Vegetable, you can use any other according to your own taste. Even less or more Vegetable can be added.
  • Take fry Pan and put one Spoon Olive oil
  • Put all your Vegetables together and stir for a minute
  • Now add Little Water and spices according to your own taste and again stir.
  • Cover it with plate for two minutes and stir to add now rice.
  • Stir and mix everything together and they are ready to eat hot
  • You can eat these extra Vegetables rice as a Breakfast, lunch and Dinner. Even take for work. They are delicious in taste and you can eat them with plain Yogurt and Soup. Even Coriander Chutney that you can make at Home in minutes. Take Cucumber Salad with them also.

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