How to Make fry Okra

Fry Okra in little Oil

  • Instructions to Make Fry Okra in very little oil:
  • Buy Small Size Okra
  • Wash Okra thoroughly in any Strainer as I showed in the Video. You can Buy these Strainers from even Dollar store!
  • Let your Washed Okra dry for half an hour, so there are is no water in them any more.
  • Then Cut these Washed and then dried Okra in small Round pieces(if you will cut in longer pieces, then seeds come out)
  • Add Onion depends on the quantity of your Okra
  • Now put your fry pan or Kadai on medium flame Stove, which have lid with it. Lid helps to make steam and gets ready Okra more quickly.
  • 3-4 Spoons of Olive Oil or any other Cooking Oil
  • Put some Mustard Seed
  • Now add Okra and Onion
  • Add Salt and Stir
  • Add little water(4-5 Spoons) and stir
  • Cover it with lid and stir after every 2 minutes
  • Now make your Stove simmer and do other Kitchen Chores side by side. Keep on stirring every 5-7 minutes and after around 15 minutes add Turmeric and other Spices
  • After 20-25 minutes put lid aside and fry Okra on high flame for couple of minutes.
  • Your Delicious Okra is ready to eat with Roti or Paratha. You can eat it as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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