Orange Peel face Mask for Glowing Skin Instantly

For this face pack you need fresh Orange peel after washing it nicely and we all know that Orange is the best Source of Vitamin C and that is good for our health and Skin. Most of us, we eat Orange and throw its Skin in the Garbage bin.

Glowing Face Secret Orange Face Body Scrub

You’ll be surprise to know that Santre Ke Chilke Ke( Orange Peel) has so many benefits in it.

  1. The peel has Antibacterial and Anti-microbial properties, which make it Great for Acne and Oily Skin.
  2. It also works as a Skin lightning
  3. Orange Peel Cures Blackheads, Dead Cells, Acne, Pores, Blemishes, Dark Circles, Dry Skin and not only this it Brightens your Face Skin.

Yogurt Benefits for Skin Are:

When Yogurt applied to the Skin, it will help Moisturize, fight Acne and prevent premature Aging etc.


  1. Wast two oranges if small or one if it is big, peel it and eat orange as a fruit internally
  2. Wash you blender and put this orange peel in it and add two spoons of plain Yogurt and grind it until it becomes thick paste
  3. Apply on your face and keep it 15-30 minutes and then wash your face with warm water and then dry your face with Towel
  4. If you want now you can use your regular Face Cream on your face.

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